Sunday, August 29, 2010

Artistic Arsenic.

Radio is the stupidest thing created. Okay, nuclear bombs aren't that great. I guess television serves little to no purpose. However, the radio is pretty stupid. First of all, the songs played are played because the stations have statistics saying that the majority of people like them. In fact, it's not even that people like them; it's that people can stand them. The radio is meant to be tolerable and nothing more. It destroys bands that actually have a lot of talent because nobody has heard of them. It makes the masses share a taste in music because they don't know anything else. In the words of Sondre Lerche (who I have never heard on the radio), "I'd sell my soul Payola Dole". This is the mindset of most of the "artists" on the radio.

Okay, I know that I have spoken about this maybe one too many times on this blog, but House is an interesting television show. If this blog shows anything, it shows that it took me a month to get over a judgment that I made about this show a long time ago. The thing that amuses and intrigues me about House, is that I can watch a kid die in order to save his brother and only feel kind of sad, but when Dr. House cares about a dog and that dog gets taken away I think, "Wow, he is human," and find it far more touching.

I really wish that I was folksy. I mean, folksy people have it made in the shade. Well, not the shade so much as the scorching heat that accompanies their long days of manual labor. Their accents are awesome and if they show so much as a smidgen of intelligence, then everyone around them feels bad for assuming they're stupid and then assumes that they are far more intelligent than they are. Not only that, I am told that they ride horses.

It amazes me how different some people sound on the computer. I have been told that I have a "Phone voice", but it really seems like nothing when you compare it to other people's "Computer voice". There is one person in particular that simply amazed me with what they say on Facebook. This person is one of the quietest people you will ever meet, however their statuses and comments tend to be long and include large amounts of capitalization. I suppose it is an outlet for them.

I'm not receiving you,

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