Friday, August 20, 2010

Finally I Can Sleep... Oh Crap.

Friday. Thank goodness it exists. Thank goodness that today is Friday. These are the things I would be saying if I didn't have costume fittings tomorrow. Tomorrow in the morning. 8:00 in the morning to be exact. Worst of all, I can't even go home until that afternoon because I have a choir car wash (which actually isn't for choir and I shouldn't have signed up to do because it benefits me in no way and it doesn't even benefit our High School Choir) after it. All in all, my Saturday schedule shows my lack of a life.

On to happier things. I only have ten days left to blog every single day. Yay! Now I know, you're thinking, "Oh no, I only get to read Simon's super-awesome blog for ten more days! Now what am I supposed to do with my life that clearly doesn't have any more merit than his?" Don't fret. I think that I'll make a new blog after the thirtieth that is a little more lax (in that I don't have to write in it every day).

I'm really worried I will eventually hate driving. Okay, I know that most people don't continue to love driving once it becomes something that they are required to do, but I kind of hope that I'll be different. I mean, right now I just love driving and I always want to do it. But, I am still afraid I will lose interest.

I think that "avoision" should be a word. Let me clarify, the word avoid means to stay away from completely. If I avoid someone, than in my ideal situation I stay away from that person completely. In order to evade someone, they have to be actively pursuing me first. The word avoid means one thing and the word evade means another. However, there is only the word "evasion" and no word "avoision". Annoying.

An avalanche of aggravating, arbitrary, and asinine alliteration,

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