Friday, August 6, 2010

Do Things That Sound "Boaty"

Here's the deal, yesterday I was wiped out. So, I made a really short post that awesome people (i.e. people who actually read my strange blog) might have thought was funny. So, to make up for my humor and laziness at the same time, I will now regurgitate my day and strange thoughts in the form of a blog post.

My day began, as any good day begins, with a phone call from one of my good friends at four thirty in the morning. I didn't answer for obvious reasons. After recovering from that, I proceeded to get ready for school. Then I went.

Openly racist people are pretty stupid. I mean, they are a dying breed but, there are still some out there. It may seem as though the fact that there are fewer openly racist people is a good thing but, it just means more people are hiding their bigotry instead of broadcasting it. It is still mind boggling that there are people who are openly prejudiced. Do they really think that anyone who doesn't already agree with them is going to take them seriously? I guess the lack of thought put in to being openly racist really makes my point for me.

When pretending to speak on the phone, is it normal to use your thumb and pinky or forefinger and pinky? Someone brought this question to my attention today and it has been bothering me immensely. I have seen both used and never really thought anything of it. Is it some sort of regional thing. Does everyone use forefinger and pinky in Iowa or somewhere and the rest of us who do it normally just get confused by their approach?

Well, they can't all be winners,


  1. I use my thumb and pinky. I think it's weird when people use their forefinger. That doesn't look like a telephone AT ALL. ('Cause, you know, with the thumb it REALLY resembles a telephone.)

  2. I didn't even know that people would use their finger instead of their thumb. I actually just tried it and it feels really weird!