Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Strep

I blame the two of you who shall remain anonymous! Not for any real reason, but just because I don't feel like writing out your names. The two of you gave me The Strep and I will never forgive you! I just vomited, not because I am sick, just because I thought of the two of you! I have a strange hope that I will get others sick. I guess my new name is Misery and I am getting kind of lonely.

As some of you may remember, I am unsure about whether or not I like the television show House. Well, I was watching the television show The Simpsons and on the television show on the television show The Simpsons called Itchy and Scratchy, they parodied the television show House with a television show called Mouse (Itchy is a mouse and Scratchy is a cat). I hope I didn't lose you with that last sentence. Anyway, it was hilarious and made me like the television show House a little more because I wouldn't have gotten the reference had I not seen it before.

Short because I said I would write two posts today,

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  1. I vomit every time I think of one of those two. Guess which.