Sunday, August 8, 2010

Call It.

So, I've started watching the television show House. I don't know if I like it yet. It's on T.V. all of the time so I kind of have it on in the background as I am doing other things. One thing I have always loved about television doctors is that scene in every hospital show where the doctor who tries so hard to resuscitate the patient but eventually gives up says the very dramatic, "Call it," to one of the other doctors. It was great the first time and every time I see it, it gets better. If I ever die in a hospital I want some doctor with a god complex to try to resuscitate me and eventually give up and say the famous, "Call it."

Guys with beards run in packs. I think it's because a guy with a beard looks really out of place next to a bunch of guys without beards. So, either the other guys think, "Wow, that guy with a beard looks good. Maybe I should grow a beard," or the guy with a beard looks for other guys with beards to hang around with.

Sometimes, I wonder if I really enjoy reading a good book more than reading an awful book. You see, when I read a good book I get really into it. I picture all of the things going on with perfect clarity because of the ability the author has to paint a mental picture. When I am apart from that good book, I think about what might happen next. And mostly, a good book simply keeps me occupied.

However, an awful book provides it's own form of entertainment. Granted, I would only want to read bad books in moderation. It can't be said that they don't paint a picture. It's just, the picture it paints is typically distorted and strange. It's an abstract painting. Of course, abstract artists might find that comparison insulting. Awful books do keep me occupied. Although, it's typically because I spend so much time laughing about them.

I'm callin' it,


  1. I've only read the first sentence so far, but, House = wonderful. Will read rest now.

  2. Also, you should read my awful stories, aha...

  3. Just because you don't understand abstract art doesn't mean it's not good. Not that I, an artist, was offended by your comment. :)