Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Have you ever felt really bad for someone? I have. I do, in fact. This person is someone who is completely cut off from everyone else. This isn't because of anything major, it's because he/she (I did the he/she for the sake of anonymity not because this person's gender is in question. Although, for the sake of anonymity, I can't say that their gender isn't in question) is no longer friends with another person whose company is preferred by most. Their friendship ended quietly and without any large argument. Neither party deserved any more of the blame than the other. Despite this, almost everyone remained friends with one of the people and stopped being friends with the other. Therefore, I feel bad for her/him (please note how I switched the order of genders so as not to appear misogynistic).

What is the deal with Julia Roberts? I mean, she is very beautiful and quite a talented actor, but I still don't think that she is attractive. This isn't to say that she is unattractive, but she still just doesn't seem that great. She especially seems rather sub-par as far as celebrities go. I will say this for her though, she hasn't gotten nor will she get a face-lift or anything similar. So, I think that she is pretty, consider her talented and smart, and respect her convictions, but she still doesn't seem attractive to me.

I don't care about evolution. I know that, for some people, this is an area in which religion and science seem to be unable to coexist. I don't think this is true. I mean, nobody (or at least nobody with a brain) is disputing that evolution has taken place. The only thing that isn't agreed upon is how life came to be. But, I think that with all of our contemplation of the big and seemingly important questions like "Where do we come from?" and "How did we get here?" we have forgotten the ever-important question of "Who cares?". Alright, I know that for the sake of furthering our knowledge these questions are very important, but I don't think that they are worth fighting over. When we all agree on so much, why don't we use our efforts to finding the answers we don't completely know rather than quibble over that which we disagree on. I know what I believe and I'm sure that everyone else knows what they believe, so why not take what we agree upon and move forward on common ground? I guess people just get too wrapped up in the need to be right and have others acknowledge the fact that they are right. Oh people.

Every day I do a little dance (Please tell me that none of you started singing a song by KC and the Sunshine Band in your head). This dance is called, "Oh Crap, I Have a Blog to Write". I usually do this dance around 9:00 pm because that is when I get into bed and think, "There was something I was supposed to do," until I realize that I have a blog to write. After that, I do another little dance called, "Writing Something in My Blog," which is now over.

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  1. i actually started singing the song in my head, then i read the next sentence and felt awkward...

  2. Because we should try to disseminate information. Ignorance is not good because ignorance can spread easily, and that can be disastrous. I believe we should care, because if we don't, then we're essentially fostering the creation of ignorance. It'd be immoral, frankly.