Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh Wait, I Really Don't Care.

As I am sure you all realized, I forgot to blog last night. You remember when I wrote about how I always have one of those "Oh Crap" moments every night and then I remember to blog? Well, that didn't happen yesterday. I'm not upset. I thought I should be at first, but then I remembered that this is just a stupid blog. I'm not doing this because I want to blog every day or because I want other people to have some new understanding of me, I'm doing this for myself. So, if you actually care (which none of the couple of people who actually read my blog will), than I don't really care about that either.

I figured something out the other day when I was walking down the street. It was on of those moments that you always see on television when a character suddenly realizes some simple truth. An epiphany, really. I always thought that I admired and disliked traits about myself that reminded me of others. However, the other day I realized that it is actually the other way around. I admire people who exemplify qualities that I admire about myself and dislike people who show qualities that I don't like about myself. This shows me that people who dislike me simply dislike themselves and are too afraid to admit it. This is, of course, assuming that others judge in the same manner.

Stephen Colbert is a genius. Not only is he really smart, he is also incredibly hilarious and very charismatic. I think that all politicians should be like Stephen Colbert. If every politician knew as much as Colbert, cared as much as Colbert, and had such an astonishing understanding of the opposition's point of view, then our political system would be much better. The only downside I can foresee is that we might not know if a candidate is being ironic.

I survived the crazy hail storm tech day of 2010. Let me explain, I was at a tech day for our high school play today. I got there around ten thirty and planned to leave around five which was when the tech day ended. It was about four thirty and we were cleaning up. I carried something that was outside in the parking lot inside. About ten seconds later, I walked back towards the door and saw the craziest thing ever. Hail and rain were pouring down from the skies. I swear, this storm came out of nowhere. It was the largest downpour that I have ever seen. People who were outside for about fifteen seconds came back inside drenched to the bone. It was awesome.

Even though I didn't blog every day, I still will have more than thirty by month's end,

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