Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today, I had a near-death experience. At least, by my barometer... I was pitted against my peers in a vicious battle of wills. We played knee-jousting. Okay, a few things need to be explained. It isn't actually a form of jousting, it's actually a lot closer to a mixture of fencing and a thumb-war.

Weird Tangent- Mattress Firm is having a "Back to School Sale," for the next week. Why?

So back to knee-jousting. The object of the game is to hit your opponent's knee with your fingers which you use as a sword. After we had played one-on-one for a while, we broke into two teams and had a kind of "war". So there I was, in the heat of battle, staring into the eyes of mine enemy. And we kept staring. We didn't move. We laughed a couple of times but, that was it. We barely moved whilst our comrades-in-arms fell by our sides. Then I broke it and attacked. She won. It was fun though.

If any of you were wondering what kids do in school nowadays, this is it.

Ending my super-duper-quick blog post,


  1. I heartily approve of this game and wish to play.

  2. They're having a sale cause of college kids and getting new dorms, Simonnn. DUHH

  3. What, you don't have nap-time at your school?