Thursday, August 12, 2010

We Be Jammin'

So, today was the last time I will ever see Janessa Beyers! Okay, I'll probably see at her some point in our lives again. Still, it's too bad. But, I'm glad that we all had our last jam session (by "we all" I mean myself Janessa Jearvin and Marc). We had some good times and took some good pictures. The four of us have been through a lot together. We went to Slide Rock, the Devil's Bridge, and even just to Jearvin's house to eat fish with eyes. And of course, my bond with Janessa can't be broken because of one thing. She and I sat on Ms. Valin's roof together.

It was a warm summer's day. We traveled to the Valin residence to drop off Jared. Nobody was home. No witnesses. And so, Janessa and I climbed the wall of Valin's yard and then climbed atop her roof. Now, we never flew a kite there which is what I wanted to do but still, just being up there was enough. After that, we called Matt Huss and left a voicemail which he later responded to about what we had just done. We then went to Freestone Park and climbed trees. Oh, and we went ice blocking.

And though I will miss Janessa, it's a comfort to me to know that she will soon be in a better place. A place that few can imagine. A place where dreams come true. Some private college in Minnesota. Now, you may be thinking, "What is so great about Minnesota?" well, it's right below Canada. Therefore, it has to be pretty awesome.

I don't think you read my blog but, see you around Janessa (Hopefully!),

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  1. Actually, Minnesota is awesome. You would probably like it there.