Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Like White On Rice.

So, I can't stand people. Okay, I can stand some people on a good day, but typically everyone annoys me to some degree. This means that I really can't stand it when people will not leave me alone. I mean, one of my favorite things in the world is solitude, therefore one of my least favorite things is having someone stick to me like white on rice. I shan't say who this person is, but they need to calm down. I mean, I guess they're okay as far as people go. They aren't a maniacal sociopath or anything. It's just that they have this annoying trait about them. That is that sometimes they can be really arrogant. So dude, humble yourself and leave me alone occasionally and we will get on famously.

Alright, so I have a friend who always says, "Who is this guy?" in a funny voice as a sort of catch phrase. It bothers me. It bothers me a lot. My solution to this problem is to over-use this same phrase around him as much as possible so that he will realize how annoying it is and stop doing it. I am therefore using it as a punchline to every joke.

You may be wondering why it is I just did that. Well, I told my friend Heather that I would so I did.

I think the only thing sadder than people who legitimately enjoy the book or movie Twilight, are people who enjoy the cheap CW6 Twilight knock-off. Vampire Diaries. Oh my word. The commercial on channel six actually tried to convince me that people were on "teams" for that show. Granted, I'm sure that the acting on the show is at the same level as the acting in the Twilight movie and the writing of the scripts was at roughly the same level as the writing in the book Twilight, but at least Twilight was original in its awful writing and acting. I mean, at least the topic is altered enough to not be seen as a knock-off of Nosferatu or anything. At least be creative in the thing that you use as an outlet for your lack of creativity.

Why did Johnny make me do it? I mean, who is this guy?

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