Monday, August 23, 2010

Do So Fa So La So

Sing that on a "doo doo doo". The X-Files theme song. The absolute best theme song that ever existed which is fitting seeing as how The X-Files was one of the best television shows to ever exist. That ethereal tune invokes a feeling of suspense and allows one to forget their predisposed skepticism to the existence of extra terrestrial biological entities (if they had any). Mulder and Scully represent one of the best dynamics of a television pair that I have ever seen.

Weird Side-Note- Spellcheck underlined the name "Scully", but didn't underline the name "Mulder".
Weirder Side-Note- Spellcheck underlined the word "Spellcheck".

Hyperbole is amazing. It is absolutely the greatest thing that has ever existed. I would cry tears that would fill a thousand lakes were it to disappear. I mean, what would we do without it? I suppose we would all cease to communicate; we would go completely mute.

I find myself unable to sleep until I have written a blog post. This is very fortunate when you consider that I usually don't remember to post until after I have gotten into bed. I believe I mentioned the "Oh crap" moment I always have in a previous post. What I didn't mention was how I always get there. You see, I always think about weird things in bed. Like that hyperbole thing I wrote earlier. When I thought of that, I also thought, "I should post that in my blog," which of course made me realize that I hadn't written it yet. And that inevitably lead to my "Oh crap".

I enjoy an abrupt ending.

Yours truly,

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  1. Oh, Mulder and Scully. I miss them so. X-Files marathon over fall break?