Saturday, August 7, 2010

Looking Forward To It

Old people have it made. They get to sleep in because they don't have work. It is easy to justify eating whatever the heck you want because if you've made it that far you might as well. Also, they can say or do anything they want without being afraid of being judged because, "Grandma/Grandpa just says things like that." Honestly, I can't wait. I mean, they annoy everyone around them no matter what they do so, why not do whatever is easiest and most fun? The good thing is, it all balances out. My Nona and Papa annoy me to no end with their "quirkiness" and I'm sure that, fifty years from now, my grandchildren will feel the same way.

Weird unrelated thing that in no way is a tangent since, as I said before, it is unrelated: According to the commercial, EHarmony asks the question, "Are you self aware?" If you aren't, how would you know?

Okay, Jennifer Aniston is still attractive. She looked weird in that movie she was in with Gerard Butler but, she looks better now. Still not as good as she did when she was Rachel but, that was like ten years ago.

Somehow, I don't think real doctors get as involved in their patients lives as the ones on T.V. do. I could be wrong (Theoretically of course. It's never actually happened) but, doctors seem less caring in the real world. I don't mean to offend anyone who is currently a doctor, wants to be a doctor, or is related to one or something. I'm sure there are great doctors out there. Just, not as seen on T.V.



  1. Lol, the great thing is, I know EXACTLY what things you were watching as you typed each paragraph!

  2. You are going to be such a cranky old geezer :)